4G Wireless Evolution Conference & Expo

Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC ) and Crossfire Media today announced details on the conference content for the 4G Wireless Evolution (4GWE) event, taking place at ITEXPO in Miami, on February 2-4, 2009.

4GWE is the first major event dedicated exclusively to addressing the issues, challenges and emerging opportunities associated with the evolution of the 4G - all IP - wireless network. The conference content is designed to educate Mobile Network Operators, fixed carriers, handset manufacturers, mobile internet device manufacturers, application providers, and venture capitalists on the applications, technology alternatives, time frames, and challenges influencing the new age of mobile broadband.

"Just as the commercial Internet took root in 1993, the wireless Internet is coming of age today, and 4GWE is the one event that's designed to educate attendees on the latest trends and opportunities, and provide a networking forum to meet the innovators who are best positioned to address these new opportunities, " said Carl Ford, partner and community developer for Crossfire Media.

The 4GWE Conference, which runs through the three day ITEXPO Conference, addresses 4G topics, such as:

Genealogy of today's cellular network and the impact on future 4G networks; Differences between 4G technologies such as WiMAX and LTE; 4G business and consumer applications; 4G Device Update, and how devices will drive 4G demand; 4G's impact on Social Networking applications; Regulatory impact on 4G, including spectrum and net neutrality; Innovations in RAN (Radio Access Network); Mobile TV and wireless content distribution; 4G and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC); 4G and IMS; Rules for Wireless Peering; A Focus on Femtocells; Several sessions on WiMAX; And several sessions dedicated to the future of public wireless.

"Over the last 10 years, ITEXPO has played a key role in propelling the VoIP industry, and we believe that the 4GWE event at ITEXPO will provide the same type of content, networking and partnering opportunities that are needed to help evolve and mature the 4G industry, " said Rich Tehrani, TMC president and ITEXPO East 2009 conference chairman. 4GWE is one of several new and cutting-edge programs that are being brought to ITEXPO for the first time, and we're confident that it will help make the February show one of our best ever."

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