What Will We Find At Intergift?

The following trends will feature prominently at the fair: items from the 1940´s, 1950´s, 1960´s and 1970´s; industrial designs; aged metallic finishes; the use of outdoor furniture for interior settings; re-upholstered period furniture... A sense of experimentation based on a combination of items from today and yesteryear will be fashionable, but always based on a high-quality and exclusive approach. The fifty-sixth edition of INTERGIFT, which will take place between 14th and 18th January at FERIA DE MADRID, will present the most comprehensive exhibition of new features with regard to gifts and home furnishings.

The products and services of more than one thousand companies, presented within an exhibition area measuring 200,000 square metres, will make up an enviable showcase in which professionals are able to discover the latest trends within the industry and gain access to an endless source of information and ideas for their business activities.

The INTERGIFT exhibition will be organised around eight different sections: Atmósfera (´Ambience´); Mesa Viva (´The Living Table´); Decorative Items; Textile; Fantasía (´Fantasy´); Travel; Miscellaneous Gifts and, for the second time the Editores Textiles hall. This layout is designed to create a sense of synergy among the different supply groups and endow the different areas at the fair with their own sense of identity, thus permitting a more agile and dynamic visitor experience.

According to the companies that will be taking part at this edition of the fair, the halls devoted to home decoration will present a clearly eclectic trend, be it a controlled form of eclecticism that occasionally incorporates a frivolous touch, without falling prey to exaggeration or exhibitionist opulence. This area of the fair will also play around with ambiences based on a stage design appeal.

If necessity is the mother of invention, this trend seeks to play around with this idea: to decorate with a sense of invention, opening up the mind and reusing old items, ´re-tuning´ them so that they form a harmonious part of our daily environment. The idea is for every household to have its own sense of identity, one that reflects the tastes and habits of the people who inhabit the home. This trend plays around with the romantic appeal of items taken from former times, but always based on a contemporary perspective, featuring the materials and advances of the moment. The search for light is a priority, whilst avoiding ´visual pollution´, but without fear of committing some small sin based on ´excess´. With regard to colour, light shades will continue to predominate, combined with a clearly ´groundbreaking´ element, producing a series of calm and cheerful interiors that fall short of being carnival-like.

We will also observe the following trends: an increase in furniture items dating from the 1940´s, 1950´s, 1960´s and 1970´s; industrial designs (shelving, tables, desks, lamps ....) from factories and shops, and if they appear in vintage form then all the better; a predominant use of iron, tin and aged metal finishes; the introduction of outdoor furniture into interior ambiences (outside inside); details in Murano crystal; and the option of re-upholstering period furniture with different upholstery combinations. A sense of experimentation based on a combination of items from today and yesteryear has also become fashionable. Here we will come across the elegance of yesteryear combined with the freshness of the new, but always based on a high-quality and exclusive approach.

In this respect, we can observe a clear tendency to integrate sculptures into different ambiences. Sculptures come in a variety of formats, ranging from a tree-trunk to a gallery show-piece, and designed to suit every pocket. They will preferably offer an ethnic touch.

Screen-type kitchens are all the rage, having been taken from the world of the office in order to become an increasingly popular feature in the home. Whilst being easy to clean, these screens also filter the light in a very poetic manner. In short, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of lighting and the extraordinary possibilities it offers when it comes to creating different ambiences. This trend is based on the extensive range of lamps th at are now available, in all kinds of formats (table lamps, standing lamps, ceiling spotlights) and styles and varied designs, all of which will be on show at Intergift.

A sense of creativity and design has also crept into the kitchen, as well as being applied to tableware. Thus, an entire range of crockery, glassware, cutlery and utensil collections is renewed on a periodic basis in order to offer new designs that create the special, personalised designs demanded by the modern home. Based on a combination of styles and functional appeal and successfully complementing other decorative elements, these items make up a selection of ideas ranging from innovative designs for the most sophisticated and elegant table, ideal for special occasions, to the simplest designs for any occasion and any setting.

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