96.000 People Visited International Turkeybuild Istanbul Fair in 2008

In an area of 60.000 m2, this year TURKEYBUILD Istanbul has attracted 96.000 visitors and not only gathered together all components of the building sector, but it also contributed a lot to the foreign promotion of the Turkish Construction Sector.

Purchasing committees responsible for construction investments in 20 foreign countries have participated in the fair with the support of Prime Minister's Office Undersecreteriat of Foreign Trade Purchasing Committee Program and TOBB Foreign Economic Relations. Under the coordination of Prime Minister's Office Undersecreteriat of Foreign Trade, participation of the committees was organized by Istanbul Mine and Metals Exporters Union General Secretary (IMMIB) and Central Anatolia Exportation Unions General Secretary (OAIB).

Purchasing committees from Jordan, Lebanon, North Korea, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Albany, Oman Sultanate, Belarus, Bahrain, Georgia, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Russian Federation, Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, and Qatar made contributions to the activities of Turkish building sector in the international area.

The Building Information Centre has already started the foreign promotion of the TURKEYBUILD 2009 Istanbul Fair. It is anticipated that the volume of participants as well as visitors will go through a considerable growth.

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