Mexico Fire & Safety Expo

ROC-NFPA, LLC presents Mexico Fire & Safety Expo, Wednesday through Friday, Nov. 12-14, 2008, at Centro Banamex., Av. Conscripto 311, Lomas de Sotelo, Mexico City. This is the fifth annual exposition for fire, electrical and life safety professionals in Mexico. More than 4,000 professionals attended in 2007. The expo will feature exhibitors offering products and services for all aspects of fire protection, life-safety, security and electrical safety in Mexico, including access control, building materials, extinguishing equipment and sprinkler systems.

International experts will present a series of conference session with topics including: Cross Border Emergency Planning and Operations This session will provide an overview of planning, training, exercises and capacities for across-the-border response, support and recovery, as well as an overview of general FEMA support processes and training-related activities within the U.S. FEMA system.

Fire Protection System in Big Box Retail Stores Discussion will center on the unique hazard combinations big box retail stores and their displays present, including high-rack storage, expanded exposed plastics, and flammable liquids and compress cases. Ten Steps to Safer Live Entertainment Events Presenters will offer 10 steps local authorities can implement to provide crowd and fire safety at nightclubs, concerts and festivals under their jurisdiction. Recent Mexican and Central and South American incidents will be referenced.

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