The Helsinki International Fashion Fair

The Helsinki International Fashion Fair and Shoe and Bag Fair are organised at the same time 19-20 August 2007. This combination gathers the whole fashion industry around Finland to familiarize with the spring/summer collections and trends for the year 2008. In addition to the exhibition the fair offers fashion shows, lectures on trends, training for sales professionals and key note speakers. Visitors can deepen their professional knowledge at the fair. Shoe sales professionals are trained by Ari Arkia on the structure of shoe, materials, latest fashion and maintenance.

Swedish jewellery designer Efva Attling is a bold and diversified professional who speaks about the courage needed in creativeness. During her career Attling has worked as a model in Milan, Paris, London and New York, and has designed clothes for Levi's and H&M. These days her works include designing jewellery, crystal glasses, frames for eyeglasses, and she has even designed a car. Playing with words and expressions is her trademark and speciality.

Kira Gluschkoff is a worldwide famous Finnish fashion photographer who got her initial experience of the fashion industry from the catwalks of Paris and Milan. Gluschkoff has worked as a photographer for already a decade and her works can be seen in Cosmopolitan, Noise and Elle. In her address in the Trend Corner Kira Gluschkoff tells about her work in Finland and abroad unveiling what happens in a photo shoot and what makes a successful fashion photo.

Ecological thinking in fashion is on display in, for example, Design Your Action exhibition on social design. The exhibition is produced by Finnish, Namibian and Brazilian designers and handicraftsmen and it enforces themes of social and emphatic design together with fair trade in fashion.

Also speakers in the Trend Corner take a stand on ecological fashion. For example, Alex Nieminen lectures on how to use the ecological edge and ethical values as competitive advantage and efficiently in marketing. The programme in the Trend Corner also includes a panel discussion on ecological fashion.

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