Biotechnology Conference For Health And Wellness

Just a reminder that one of 2007's scientific meetings is set to unfold in Boston Aug. 19-23. The American Chemical Society's 234th national meeting will feature more than 9, 500 scientific presentations on health, medicine, environment, energy, nutrition, nanotechnology and other topics. More than 15, 000 scientists and others are expected to gather for the event, held in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and at hotels across the city.

For one of the meeting's early highlights, ACS President Catherine T. Hunt, Ph.D., hosts a keynote symposium- "Material Innovations: From Nanotech to Biotech and Beyond" - at which noted scientists will discuss challenges and opportunities for commercialization of new discoveries in biotechnology and nanotechnology. It supports the meeting's overall theme, "Biotechnology for Health and Wellness."

In addition, the ACS News Service hosts two special events related to food chemistry. On Aug. 20, reporters can sip wine and snack on clam chowder as Gerald DeMenna, Ph.D., discusses the chemistry of that Boston favorite. Gourmet coffee is on the breakfast menu Aug. 21 as experts discuss their research on how to protect the complex aromas of coffee. Boston beckons, as usual, with an assortment of leisure time attractions -- the Freedom Trail, Fenway Park, whale watching, world-renowned eateries and theater.

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