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Formex & Textil, to be held between 30th August and 2nd September at Stockholm International Fairs, will be jam-packed with exhibitions offering inspiration, advice and tips galore. This autumn's theme is Ballroom Blitz, and as soon as the visitors enter the fair they'll be greeted by disco balls and a dazzling lounge chock full of colour, light and surprises.

In the entrance hall, designer Jan Rundgren has created an inspirational exhibition on the theme of Ballroom Blitz that takes us right back to the hip eighties. The exhibition is designed like an extravagant night club with a high glam and glitter factor. To enter the night club, you first pass through the VIP entrance, which is completely decked out in silver and black.

Once inside, you're back in the eighties' nightclub scene, with lights in profusion, a shiny dance floor and eighties music streaming from the speakers. Adjacent to the club there's a champagne bar in white, silver and vibrant colours that seem to come straight from TV's Miami Vice. By the bar there's also a colourful chambre séparée with a golden table set for the feast.

In the trend exhibition, the Swedish Fashion Council will be getting together the latest trends at three different theme shows. Tea dance, inspired by the thirties and forties, is pure nostalgia. Super Super is showy and glitzy and bursting with energy. Here, music is the prime inspiration - rave, techno, funk and disco. The dreamy Fairytales/bedtime stories, meanwhile, is an artful mix of wonderland and surrealism.

The design group Defyra will transform the café at the eastern entrance into a Disco Dance Floor in true Ballroom Blitz style, this time with a textile framework. Defyra aim to create a café environment with a cheerful, glam Scissor Sisters look that at the same time takes its inspiration from the traditional dance floor. Here visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee right in the exhibition and envelop themselves in the autumn's fashion trends.

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