Madrid International Fashion Fair

SIMM, the Madrid International Fashion Fair, will present a brand new image and a renewed layout, based on the implementation of an innovative fair project, which will be revealed for the first time between 31st August and 2nd September at Feria de Madrid.

The fair will thus begin a new stage in its history that is more in line with the current market situation, based on a more trendy and cutting-edge exhibition with a number of exciting new features. This transformation will help to strengthen the fair“s position as the second most important event in Europe for the clothes manufacturing industry.

GALA, DIVA, PERLAS (“Pearls“), ALMA (“Soul“), ETERNA (“Eternal“), ALAS (“Wings“), BESOS (“Kisses“) and LIBRE (“Free“) are the names that have been given to the different exhibition sections that the consulting company, Dialogue, has elaborated for IFEMA, around which the companies participating at SIMM will now be organised. Each of these sections will present a distinct fashion style, based on its own identity and philosophy of life, with each section also playing an equally prominent role within the fair as a whole. Furthermore, the organisers have sought to fulfil the expectations of exhibitors, trade buyers and the press regarding SIMM.

In short, this new project seeks to ensure that each exhibitor participates in the section that best matches his product philosophy, as well as ensuring that every visitor can locate himself easily within the fair as a whole and that the press can identify the different styles at first sight. Within this framework of change and innovation, SIMM will also occupy all of the odd-numbered halls at the IFEMA fairground as of the next edition. The fair is expected to surpass the figure of 800 exhibitors at this edition.

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