International Technology Trade Fair for Wine, Fruit and Fruit Juice

Is it possible to taste the type of vine training? How can the influence of barrique or oak chips be distinguished on the tongue? Around 270 test wines will be available in the 2007 Tasting Workshop during INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA, which is being held at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre in Killesberg from 22 to 26 April 2007. For this purpose, all the teaching and research institutes in German winegrowing states, the Union of German Enologists and the Federal Institute for Grapevine Breeding have opened up their cellars to provide an interested audience with test bottles in their current test series from the very limited number of test wines.

Every day throughout the trade fair, wine enthusiasts will be able to obtain sensory information on the latest questions relating to viticultural and enological research. Concentrated in a single location, this will be a rare opportunity to acquire a sensory overview of the currently most important key topics in viticultural and enological research.

The range of topics in the tasting zone will extend from the impacts of intensive and conventional vine training systems, grape decompaction, grape and mash treatment aspects, preliminary sedimentation methods, yeast flora and yeast nutrition, questions relating to acid management and the wood effects of chips and barriques through to the effects of bottle closures on the wine.

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