8th International Fair for Sanitation, Heating, Air-Conditioning

From April 17 – 21, 2007 the 8th International Fair for Sanitation, Heating, Air-Conditioning and Building Automation SHK BRNO will be staged at the Brno Exhibition Center as an integral part of the largest branch-related fairs in Central and Eastern Europe – the Building Fairs Brno 2007.

Every year the Building Fairs Brno are an important place, where a colourful spectrum of building professions meets, i.e. designers, investors, craftsmen but also those who use their services – final customers. Also you may belong to the people who well know about numerous specialized shows, both at home and abroad, are acquainted with the latest materials and technologies, on the other hand, however, miss an exchange of experience among individual branches. You have not got enough inspiration, have nobody to discuss your concrete intentions with - this and much more is offered by just the Building Fairs Brno.

In the branches of heating, sanitation, ventilation, air-conditioning, cooling, pumps, fittings, measuring, control and regulating instruments etc. there is always something going on. Together with novelties in the building industry, lighting technology, investment and real-estate market the Building Fairs Brno open, by their unique character, "a gate to the third dimension".

Firms which regularly attend SHK BRNO belong to an absolute top in sanitary equipment and always present trends of the oncoming season in bathrooms featuring a high prestigious standard. On the other hand, those who take part in the fair for the first time prove an increased interest of the "débutants" in the branch aimed at penetrating into the elite. SHK BRNO is thus an ideal place monitoring both complex trends and effects on final customers and which, at the same time, also expresses views of narrowly specialized professionals.

An emphasized topic of the fairs are "Reconstructions of housing fund" being a logical continuation of the last year's theme "Green energy". The solution of the present housing situation has become ever more important being focused on enhancing not only the standard of living, but also and in particular on low energy consumption of households. This difficult situation has to be solved in the near future due to rising demands for security regulations.

A number of competitions will be as usual staged during the show (Gold Medals 2007, TOP INVEST 2007) and prestigious awards granted which, supported by a quality specialist accompanying program, enhance the importance of the Building Fairs Brno among similar events.

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