Expo Build China 2007

Sourcing experts in the building industry should not forget to bookmark Expo Build China 2007, the premier exhibition in China for building materials to be held April 4-7 2007 in Shanghai. Visitors are offered a whole overview of China's supplies for construction and decoration, from doors, windows, flooring, shadings & structures, wood products, heating & ventilation, building chemicals and building automation, as well as ceramic tiles and bathroom facilities. In April almost 400 exhibitors, including some 50 newcomers, from all over China will be presenting their newest products.

Especially Guangdong, the biggest ceramic tile manufacturing zone in China is well represented but also the manufacturers from the Yangtze Delta, from Fujian, Shandong and Sichuan Province will make a strong show, providing a whole overview of China's suppliers in the industry.

This is the chance to meet experienced local suppliers such as Champion, BODE, KITO, New ZhongYuan, New Pearl, MAX, JiaJun, who have each show their entire collection on over 300 sqm an. But visitors should also take a look at the future players who ready to get international.

Some 50 exhibitors will be showing decorative stone products, amongst them ROCAMAT, QISHI, FUQUAN, KANGYUAN, ZAIXIANHUIHUANG.. Excellent results from past exhibition has led to a quick development of this section.

About 100 companies in this industry had re-confirmed their booking, including global players such as Hydro from Norway, BoonEdam from the Netherland, KME from Germany and Winspia from Korea. The success of ExpoBuild also attracts new comers like YKK from Japan - and naturally plenty of local companies ready to talk export.

Meet over 30 manufacturers of ceiling systems: mostly local companies, such as Baroque Ceiling, LangYu, Futian, JingTai, XinHe, Beijing LuoFeiEr, Tianyu, presenting high value for money products.

Wooden structures, doors, floorings, staircases and accessories will be presented by China's best manufacturers. Excellent trade and highly satisfied exhibitors and visitors are driving this sector's development. As a specialty over 30 exhibitors will be featuring their ranges of wooden doors (Already known by the international trade are: WanJia, BenBen, HuaGu, Kaixun.

ZhengHao, Bobylon Stove, Xifei Group, Sheyu Heating Engineering and Shanghai Xin'ang will be the main importers representing products from Germany, Italy, France and Korea. Local manufacturers participating are Wuhan Nest, Shengyang Dimplex, Hengbang Kaijie Heating Radiator, Jiangyin Wuyue Hearting Radiator and more.

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