Third International Euro Id 2007 Trade Fair in Cologne

The methods by which the flow of goods can be recorded using automatic data acquisition and mobile data communication can be seen live at the third International EURO ID 2007 Trade Fair in Cologne. Current and future auto ID techniques, such as RFID, barcodes, pick-by-voice and intelligent shelving will be demonstrated in brief presentations in the Tracking & Tracing Theatre. The show will be demonstrated by AIM EMEA, the Association for Automatic Identification, Data Acquisition and Mobile Data Communication, which is also the sponsoring body of EURO ID 2007. The third International Trade Fair and Knowledge Forum for Automatic Identification will take place from 810 May 2007 in the EXPO XXI, Expocentre in Cologne.

There is still enormous potential for rationalisation through the use of information technology (IT). IT is still in the early stages of breathtaking developments, particularly in container transport, which freight-fowarding companies use to ship some 70 per cent of international trade. Radio-frequency chips, small identification units for the contactless reading of information on a container's route, play a key role here.

Feeder and land transport at the freight-handling terminals of modern ports are already automated to a large extent, which means that containers and, to a lesser extent, smaller freight packages, are automatically pre-sorted so that they can be moved on to the rest of their route more quickly. There are plans for freight marshalling terminals in Dubai, which will handle a volume of twelve million tonnes of airfreight a year.

The main aspects of the 3rd International EURO ID Trade Fair are comprehensive end-to-end solutions and continual data communication, the integration of operating systems with printers, mobile scanners, standardised Plug & Play solutions for auto-ID hardware and software, forms of implementation in the "Internet of objects", mobile data acquisition, mobile data communication, decentralised solutions and near-field communication. Apart from the fields of logistics, trade and manufacturing, the applications for the services sector, and sectors such as health, pharmaceuticals and medical technology, are particularly interesting.

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