The Middle East Aluminium Exhibition

The Middle East Aluminium Exhibition one of the most specialized events in the Middle East and North Africa Region ( MENA ) and Indian Subcontinent, is organized by Trans Continental Fairs Management with the full support from the biggest Aluminium Smelter in the Middle East DUBAL, Dubai Aluminium Company Ltd. Attracting a wide range of Visitors and selected professionals from the Aluminium Industry, the event will be held at the World Trade Centre, Dubai on the 27th, 28th, and 29th of March 2007.

An International Conference will also be Organized as part of the Exhibition. ALUMEX will thus offer you an excellent opportunity to see and understand the new technological advancements in the field, meet global trading partners and even interact with the end users. It is a matter of great advantage that the exhibition is organized in a country like the United arab Emirates, as it serves a one billion people market within the MENA and Indian Subcontinent.

Aimed at enhancing the national economies of the Gulf Corporation Council countries, privatization is given top priority in their development strategies. Investing heavily on the basic industries and encouraging the contributions from private sector are boosting the industrialization process in the region. In order to lessen their reliance on volatile oil export earnings, GCC countries have pumped huge funds into the basic industries.

Thus over the past decade, Industrial Investments in the GCC have nearly tripled and achieved a total of 100 billion dollars as per the GOIC's figures. The figure is expected to rise sharply in the near future. Among these basic industries, the most promising one is the Aluminium industry, which witnessed a sudden increase in investments.

Edimet Spa, the owner of METEF, is organizing the ALUMEX 2007 in collaboration with Trans Continental Fairs Management. METEF, known for it' s 1st Aluminium exhibition will be involved in organizing ALUMEX from this edition onwards and help in promoting this event. This joint venture will add in more professionalism in conducting the exhibition and promises a better performance.

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