Rail-Tech Europe 2007

Rail-Tech Europe will be held for the sixth time 27th to 29th March 2007. Europoint Project Manager Christie de Vrij explains one of the main tasks this exhibition for professionals will fulfil is to convey all the new ways stations are becoming centres of commercial energy. To show off many new ways railway stations can be exploited for commercial purposes and better serve the travelling public, Rail-Tech Europe 2007 will be featuring a life-size station (Hall 4). Original ideas will include floor lighting to announce arriving trains, an award winning temporary platform structure, special methods of disguising and decorating facades to hide old structures and offer advertising space, a special foil to protect glass from vandals and graffiti artists, and some of the latest in outdoor furniture.

The organisers also plan it as meeting 'platform' for exhibitors, conference delegates, and visitors and place for regular presentations. The station is an initiative of Europoint, Dutch rail technology conference and exhibition organizers, supported by many of the idea originators companies such as CompaTech, Fleetshield, Outdoor Furniture Nederland, Strukton Railinfra, voestalpine Railpro and NVBS.

Among exhibitors, CompaTech will be showing off Comparon, its lightweight fast assembly platform material and LED safety lighting to warn travellers of the arrival of an incoming train; Llumar/CPFilms Vertrieb will show (and demonstrate) its anti-graffiti Llumar foil that transforms plain glass into a laminate to take scratches and shelter the glass; Fleetshield will be demonstrating its decorative (and protective) films for the visible enhancement of station structures; Outdoor Furniture Nederland will be showing off its latest designs in providing durable station comfort and convenience.

The sixth edition of Rail-Tech Europe will run parallel with a seminar programme covering such subjects as track and rolling stock maintenance, safety, information systems, interoperability and the railway station (access to individual seminars only will also be possible). There will be generous opportunities for networking and knowing visitor time is always short, the organisers claim to have maximised the ways visitors can see and do what they need in the shortest possible time and with maximum convenience.

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