The Cologne FoodTec Congress

The Cologne FoodTec Congress will take place for the fourth time from 28th to 29th March 2007. With a cross-sector structure and the presentation of all different types of technology, the international conference with its accompanying foyer exhibition will address all relevant aspects of food processing and generate a variety of synergies, while also providing a forum for an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. The core thematic areas will be process technology, packaging technology and food safety. The event will be organised and staged by Koelnmesse GmbH.

The Cologne FoodTec Congress will use practical examples to present approaches that can provide congress participants with valuable ideas on how to deal with their specific problems. The congress programme will be accompanied by a foyer exhibition titled "Process Technology, Packaging Technology and Food Safety", which focuses on forward-looking trends, flexible technologies and relevant fields of investment.

International Fruit World (IFW) will be staging a two-day programme of presentations during the Cologne FoodTec Congress under the heading "Future market opportunities for fruit drinks". This issue was selected because the fruit drink sector is currently in a state of intense upheaval on both the domestic and international markets. Exactly these periods of dramatic change harbour opportunities to transform upheaval into renewed market vitality - and the conference will highlight practical approaches for exploiting such opportunities in the future.

Traditionally, the CONFRUCTA award is presented during the IFW event to honour individuals or companies that have had a particular impact in the fruit juice world, or else have developed innovations, generated new momentum, or influenced developments in the sector in a sustained manner. This year's winner is the relatively new Bonn-based company true-fruits GmbH, which is being presented the award for its innovative fruit smoothies.

Given the huge range of high-quality food offerings today, modern consumers no longer focus primarily on the nutritional value of such products, since it is assumed that they are healthy and hygienic. Instead, consumers are demanding high-quality, enjoyable foods that meet their needs with regard to preparation time and ease. Modern food technology has responded to these demands by enabling the creation of a broad range of minimally processed foods, long-lasting chilled foods and easy-to-prepare convenience foods.

The topic of the DLG Congress will be "Packaging and logistics systems for minimally processed, chilled and convenience foods". The event will examine how advances in the production of such foods have largely been made possible on the one hand by corresponding developments in packaging technology, and on the other hand through a comprehensive logistics system that also incorporates the necessary refrigeration.

The congress held by the German Food Technology Society (GDL) will address "Technological aspects of minimally processed, chilled and convenience foods", focusing on the technological foundation and possibilities for manufacturing such products. In particular, it will examine the latest technological and biotechnological procedures for ensuring that production and processing have as little impact as possible on product freshness and quality.

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