Mec-Spe 2007

Mec-Spe, which is to be held from the 22nd to 24th of March 2007 at the Parma fairgrounds will once again host the "Eurostampi" session with the "From Project to Object", demonstration unit, the pride of the fair event. It is one of a very few units which offer visitors and exhibitors an opportunity to find the best solutions, keeping in mind the materials, productive processes and technologies involved in the manufacturing process.

The standardization of the phases typical to this process makes this demonstration unit even more interesting and useful for visitors, who come from widely varying sectors of industry. Its value is further enhanced by the chance to interact directly with the different partners in the project and to take part in guided tours, organized to explain the various phases of the process.

The technology in the limelight this year is injection-compression moulding, an alternative and little-known technology which lends itself to several industrial applications and the production of high quality precision products, reducing both manufacturing time and costs at the same time.

This moulding procedure is similar to that used in the classic injection system, but in this case the material is injected into an open mould in the press, while the closure phase for compressing the injected material takes place after the press has been closed.

This technology, particularly useful for obtaining thin products, of high quality and excellent appearance, is widely used in the optical sector (ophthalmic lenses, protective anti-reflecting screens for TVs and notebook monitors, LCD screens for video cameras and digital cameras, DVDs, car windscreens). It is also used for electrical and electronic components, illumination apparatus and road signs. Injection–compression technology guarantees high precision and quality, as it reduces tensions on the process and consequently on the material, something that is not possible with normal injection molding.

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