The Fur and Fashion Frankfurt

All set to kick off under this motto, the Fur and Fashion Frankfurt aims to heat up the 2006-to-2007 cold seasons by staging this year's fair. The fair will run from March 22 to 25, 2007. The spark was ignited last March. Hardly an haute couture and pręt-a-porter collection had crossed the catwalk without featuring at least one all-fur model, or at least some fur trim. Now these early auspicious signs are looking even better on the global fashion scene. The upcoming Fur You fair's exhibitors and visitors are confident that the climate is growing friendlier and business will continue to pick up.

The Fur & Fashion Frankfurt, as the fair was and is still called, had celebrated its 58th anniversary in March of this year. Though organizers expected about the same turnout as in the previous remain, it came as a pleasant surprise that the number of industry visitors had increased by around 8.5 percent to 8, 442. 47 percent came from abroad. The largest contingent was from Germany's neighboring countries Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and the Benelux, as well as Spain and Turkey. Exhibitors met representatives of new markets last year and are aiming to develop these business relationships this year.

The fair remains top in its offering. Occupying some 14, 000 square meters of floor space, it covers virtually every aspect of fur, from fur manufacturers' collections to fur dressers' and dyers' innovations and latest colors. This rich offering also features accessories, fur blankets, machines, tools and industry publishers' recommendations.

Exhibitors were satisfied with last spring's fair business. Meanwhile, the situation and outlook have even improved. From today's perspective, rising prices – sometimes steeply - for furs and fur clothing on international markets are hardly affecting consumers' winter shopping wishes and their willingness to buy.

Fashion styles ranging from the sought-after soft look to new colorings, lines and processing techniques are providing further impetus for the fur market. This year it's all about beauty and wellness, and people are finding what they are seeking in the soft, smooth indulgence that is fur. Everything is decked out attractively in fur, from the new long capes, waistcoats, gilets and chasubles to straight coats and undulating miniskirts.

Experts expect that popular favorites at the show held under the Frankfurt Messeturm will include natural minks and plucked furs, alongside weasel and Persian lamb, with dyed silver foxes being the preferred long-haired furs. The showcase will feature trendy highlights and designers' recommendations for all fashion markets. Models will present the most attractive items on the catwalk in an exhibition with furriers and clothing manufacturers competing for honors. Seminars and workshops will round out the multifaceted offering.

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