International Construction Industry Trade Fair

BATIMAT - International Construction Industry Trade Fair, which takes place at Anhembi Exhibition Hall, São Paulo, Brazil, from March 13 to 17, 2007. In its 15th edition, the event is an integral part of the International Construction Week of São Paulo.

FEICON BATIMAT 2007 is a big opportunity to show to a highly specialised public all the launches and products for construction in general. Numerous trends of the sector and efficient solutions for the exacting requirements of the construction industry market and its increasing demands.

Due to the significant growth of the paint industry in the construction market, FEICON BATIMAT, aiming at segmenting the visiting public, launches in 2007 FEICON BATIMAT - PAINTS, event that focuses on the big manufacturers, retailers and end consumers of paints and their derivatives.
The most recent launches for the kitchens and bathrooms markets will, once again, amaze visitors of FEICON BATIMAT Kitchens and Bathrooms, which exhibits the very best in products and novelties of this sector which is experiencing ongoing growth.

The Construction Industry Chain commemorated the measures announced by the Federal Government in the long awaited for PAC - Program to Accelerate Growth. The program is divided in five parts, with measures involving infrastructure and social infrastructure such as housing, sanitation and mass transport; credit stimulus; institutional development; tax relief and long term fiscal measures.

After the announcement of the program which, among other measures, zeroed IPI (Manufactured Product) tax for steel profiles and created an option for the purchase of low income houses, with incentives for homes for the low income population, with resources from FGTS (Government Severance Indemnity Fund for Employees), the construction sector made a balance about the principal factors of the government's program..

Once again, FEICON BATIMAT attracted the attention of a highly qualified public consisting of engineers, architects, trade professionals, in addition to people that are building or renovating their premises, coming from various parts of Brazil and from 47 countries. This public - opinion formers - could see for themselves about 2.5 thousand launches in products, such as showers, bathtubs, mortars, taps, accessories in general and an infinity of building novelties.

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