Bauma 2007

Renovating asphalt pavements using cold recycling is becoming more and more important, especially in western industrialised nations. This environmentally-friendly process saves resources, in that it turns the old road surface into a new one, using all of the salvaged material. The latest developments in this area will be on show at bauma 2007, the world´s biggest international trade fair for machinery for the building and construction, building-materials and mining industries, which takes place from 23 to 29 April 2007 in Munich.

In cold recycling technology there are basically two methods – in situ or in plant. In the in-situ technique a cold recycler fitted with a milling and mixing rotor recycles the surface layers in just one pass. During the milling or mixing process, water and liquid binder are added, along with bitumen emulsion, foamed bitumen or a cement suspension. The new surface is then simply compacted and the new structural and base layer is ready. With the in-plant technique the material previously recovered is mixed in a cold-recycling mixing plant (generally mobile), then relaid and compacted. Work proceeds here in several stages.

In both methods the choice and composition of the binder, and the mixing process itself, are critical. Before relaying the milled material, it first has to be mixed evenly with water and the various aggregates. The aim is to achieve maximum homogeneity and mix quality. This is essential for a high-quality result.

Presented at bauma will be innovative solutions for further increasing the performance of foamed bitumen spraying systems. State-of-the-art control systems ensure maximum accuracy and reliability. Also on show will be new, improved milling and mixing rotors. New rotor designs help further optimise the granulation and mixing processes. Integrated moisture sensors give better control and regulation when adding water.

This event, organised by Messe München GmbH, will take up over 540, 000 m2 of indoor and outdoor exhibition space. The last bauma in 2004 attracted 2, 801 exhibitors from 47 countries, all making full use of the fair as a platform for communication, product presentation and marketing. 50% of the exhibitors were from countries outside Germany. 416, 000 trade visitors came to bauma in Munich in 2004, 29% of them from abroad.

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