The Eurasia Boatshow 2007

CNR Exhibitors are boarding the maritime sector with 21 years of quality and distinction! Eurasia BOATSHOW will be held with the support of DENTUR at CNR EXPO between February 9 - 18, 2007. The maritime sector is one of the world's leading sectors that make major contributions to our nation's tourism in particular. The Eurasia Boat Show, which is the sector's most important fairs, will be offering foreign participants the opportunity to define the Turkish market as well as facilitating local participants the chance to sail into international waters.

In bringing together the maritime sector, the Eurasia BOATSHOW 2007 Fair will be organized by CNR Sectoral Trade Fairs and supported by the sector's powerful and influential institution known as "DENTUR" (Association of Sea Tourism and Maritime Development; This fair will meet the sector's domestic and overseas market expectations at the highest level. Encompassing a total of 33, 000 m area, While Eurasia BOATSHOW 2007 is expected to play an effective role in ensuring that the coastal city of Istanbul and the nation of seas, Turkey, plots a course straight into global markets, it will also formulate a land-based commercial platform that allows foreign buyers to converge under a single roof.

While merging the most notable marques in the world's maritime sector, another objective of this fair is to create public awareness that this sector is not "expensive" and does not belong to "exclusive club members", as is commonly perceived. Getting this message across creates more employment opportunities for people in this field. In this context, the fair aims to bring together all salt- and freshwater enthusiasts, professional and amateur alike, thus raising the sector to the position it deserves in Turkey.

By the year 2010, it is expected that Eurasia BOATSHOW will encompass a 100, 000 m2 area. By bringing together manufacturers, importers and service providers under the same roof, this fair shall be creating some incredible synergy!

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