Microsoft European Sharepoint Conference 2007

Paul Carpentier, the inventor of content addressed storage, a technology that has turned into a multi-billion dollar market, and one of the founders of CAS innovator Caringo, Inc., will be delivering the keynote speech on the second day of the upcoming Microsoft European Sharepoint Conference 2007, February 12-14 in Berlin, Germany.

The 2007 SharePoint Conference in Berlin will introduce attendees from at least 11 countries to leading solutions enabled by SharePoint Server 2007. More than 100 partners and 120 presentations will demonstrate how users can easily create, manage and monitor content and processes across the entire enterprise; ensure 24/7 access to all business-critical information; and improve communication and collaboration among your employees, customers and suppliers.

Carpentier will be speaking about the future of content storage, showing how traditional storage architectures are increasingly unable to effectively and economically deal with today's requirements of storing and protecting chunks of unstructured information, such as documents and multimedia objects. Generated in huge quantities by popular applications, these are typically stored on DAS/NAS/SAN systems where they take up to 90% of available space and resources, complicating storage management and exceeding budgets in the process. There now is a dramatically better way to deal with content storage requirements; the combination of SharePoint and CAStor provides an excellent business case illustrating this fresh approach.

Recently integrated with SharePoint, Caringo's flagship product CAStor has disrupted the traditional approach to CAS. CAStor offers key advantages for fixed-content storage, such as hardware and OS-independence, massive scalability, high performance, built-in disaster recovery, backup and continuous data availability, and guaranteed data integrity that is impervious to attack as well as auditable and independently provable for evidentiary purposes.

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