Arte Fiera 2007

ARTEFIERA ART FIRST is a unique event where visitors can explore the latest trends in the world of modern and contemporary art through the proposals of more than 200 leading international galleries. Organised by BolognaFiere, the 31st edition of the pre-eminent Italian exhibition of contemporary and modern art will be held in Bologna from 26 to 29 January 2007 and will feature an increasing number of events and initiatives.

The participating Galleries from all over the world will be selected by the International Committee and will provide a preview of the most innovative trends alongside the works of the leading Italian artists, who are also prominent figures at a world level. Most importantly, however, ARTEFIERA ART FIRST is a meeting point between Italian and international art, a role that lends much to its appeal and makes it of great interest to collectors.

This edition of ARTEFIERA ART FIRST will be strongly exhibit oriented and will host more than 200 galleries (35% of which are from outside Italy) and about sixty publishers, museums and institutions. The Galleries are meticulously selected by the International Committee and the event continues to pursue its goal of creating exhibit spaces that enhance the works on display.

ARTEFIERA ART FIRST 2007 will see the participation of both longstanding and first-time exhibitors. One prestigious new entry is the JAMES COHAN GALLERY from New York, which will exhibit an installation by Bill Viola, an artist who garnered enormous success at the last Venice Biennale.

The venues will include the Museo Civico Archeologico, Palazzo del Comune, Museo Civico Medievale, Palazzo Re Enzo, Cortile dell'Archiginnasio, Museo della Musica, Museo della Sanità di Santa Maria della Vita, Oratorio dei Filippini, Museo Ebraico, Musei Universitari, Accademia di belle Arti e Pinacoteca Nazionale and Palazzo Magnani.

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