Gilbane Conference on Content Technologies Washington D.C.

The Gilbane Group, Lighthouse Seminars and CMS Watch announced that the second annual Gilbane Conference on Content Technologies Washington D.C. will take place at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington D.C. June 5-6, 2007. This is the industry's most comprehensive forum for bringing together both government and industry executives to share content management best practices.

The Gilbane Conference on Content Technologies will focus on concrete lessons learned and best practices for industry and government specialists alike. The Conference is chaired by Tony Byrne, founder of CMS Watch, an authoritative, vendor-neutral source for comparative evaluations of content management and search technologies.

Content technologies for managing documents, websites, and records have grown in utility and sophistication. New technologies can enable searchers to find and retrieve information on a scale unheard of just five years ago. In the meantime, emerging standards in industry and government are supporting greater content exchange and systems interoperability. By attending.

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