Pittcon - Conference and Exposition For Laboratory Science

The Pittsburgh Conference released the topics for the first annual Conferee Networking Sessions which have been added to the Pittcon 2007 Technical program. These sessions will provide an additional networking opportunity for Pittcon conferees with similar interests to meet and resolve problems, discuss new techniques, or brainstorm new ideas in an informal setting. All Networking Sessions are open at no additional cost to all registered attendees, and conferees will be able to network with others working on similar problems in their field of interest.

The suggestions for topics were submitted by conferees in late fall, and the Pittcon Committee selected eight of those as a pilot for this year's program. One of the highlights will be on Monday, February 26, when Chapin Rodriquez from The American Chemical Society will be facilitating a session entitled "Instrumentation Challenges for Developing Countries."

Other topics to be included in this year's Networking Sessions are HPLC/MS User Forum; Gas Sensors and Analytical Gas Delivery System; New Faculty Initiating Competitive Research Programs; Putting Performance Based Methods to Work; Electronic Nose and New Technologies of e-Nose to Improve Odor/Flavor Analysis for Formulation Development and Routine Quality Control; Working with ICP and Its Hyphenated Techniques for Metal Speciation and Environmental Analysi; Use of LC/MS and New LC technologies to Improve Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Development.

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