Agromek 2007

Agromek, the exhibition of agricultural machinery in Northern Europe will be held in the Exhibition Centre Herning, Denmark during the period 15th to 20th January 2007.

All those who attend Agromek 2007 will gain more out of their visit if they apply a little time to prepare their visit and thus have the answers to questions such as Which products are exhibited? Which New Product exhibits are there? Which exhibitors are to be visited? Where can one find those machines and New Product exhibits that one wishes to study and compare?

The Agromek Evaluation Committee have approved and classified 184 New Product exhibits for Agromek 2007. These include 27 three-star exhibits and 36 two-star exhibits. This star system indicates that the product has a completely new or important new construction or composition.

The exhibitors represent more than 1, 300 companies i.e., the actual exhibitors and 800 companies which are represented by these exhibitors at Agromek 2007 and specified under Company representation. The List of Trademarks/Brands acts as a special guide to 2, 088 trademarks/brands from 42 different countries which will be presented at Agromek 2007.

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