UNICOM Global and IBM Corp. have agreed to a transaction whereby UNICOM will purchase new IBM z15 Processor and IBM FlashSystem 5100

Enterprise-class platform to power digital transformation, application modernization and hybrid Cloud solutions for Federal and Global 2000 clients

MISSION HILLS, CA, January 20, 2021 – UNICOM® Global and IBM Corp. have completed a transaction whereby UNICOM will purchase the latest IBM z15 business-class processor and IBM FlashSystem 5100 as a foundation for the company’s multi-platform digital transformation, legacy application modernization and hybrid Cloud solutions, to be hosted at the UNICOM Technology Park Innovation Labs in Chantilly, Virginia.

Presently, UNICOM and IBM Corp. jointly service IBM z, IBM POWER, and Open systems customers in more than 70 countries. UNICOM was one of the first companies to deploy the IBM z14 processor in 2017, and the z15 processor with the IBM FlashSystem 5100 acquisition is the logical next step in UNICOM’s emerging technology strategy, said Corry Hong, UNICOM Founder, President and CEO:

“The IBM z14 processor gave us an enterprise-class platform for technology innovation, including our blockchain, AI and machine learning initiatives, and has been a foundation for our digital transformation solutions, including the UNICOM Universal Gateway. The z15 processor will help us to continue building on that foundation.”

A key feature of the z15 processor is IBM Data Privacy Passports, which allow mainframe data to be safely passed to other computing platforms and back again without loss of privacy or control. This type of secure, cross-platform connectivity complements the digital transformation, legacy application modernization and hybrid Cloud solutions, as Corry Hong explained:

“Our aim is to bring next-generation technologies to our clients in a way that connects and augments the enterprise systems they already use. Most large organizations are running a mix of IT environments that might include anything from longstanding mainframe applications to open systems and hybrid Cloud. My vision of digital transformation is to marry our emerging technology solutions with these established platforms to create a more agile and connected enterprise. Harnessing the latest mainframe innovations available on the z15 processor will be a critical part of our investment strategy.”
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