eShore partners with timetoreply to enhance business email analytics capabilities

New Partnership Allows Customers to Leverage Business Email Analytics Solutions Alongside eShore’s Proven Cloud Security Services

Cayman Islands, George Town: Leading email and data security firm eShore Ltd today announced a new partnership with timetoreply to resell and deliver business email analytics solutions to organizations in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and Latin America.

Collaboration between the two tech innovators will arm organizations with in-depth, enterprise-grade business email analytics reporting for sales teams, customer teams, and supplier management teams.

The pandemic has solidified the importance and prevalence of email as a primary form of business communication. But what is also apparent is the lack of tools that exist to measure email productivity - still a black box for many organizations. timetoreply’s tools deliver real-time stats on business email response times, email volumes, and contact success ratios – crucial metrics that businesses need to measure and improve if they are to retain customers and grow sales in an email-first era.

“The partnership between eShore and timetoreply will enable us to equip a broader network of customers with a best-in-class real-time analytics tool that work with their business email, as well as a highly skilled, security conscious partner to assist in maximising its usage, ” said Howard Moodycliffe, CEO of timetoreply.

“timetoreply is a powerful complement to our strong email technology line-up, '' says Polly Pickering, Managing Director at eShore Ltd. “The move to Work From Home has brought many challenges, but for those companies interested in thriving and creating differentiation through responsiveness, timetoreply is the perfect addition to their technology portfolio.”

According to a report covered by the Harvard Business Review, leads, particularly online leads, have a remarkably short lifespan, which means that sales teams are more likely to succeed if they act during a small window of opportunity. The report suggests that sales teams are seven times more likely to qualify a lead within the first hour, compared to 2 hours after initial contact, and 60 times more likely than 24 hours after contact.

As response times become increasingly crucial to business survival and success, we are seeing a surge in demand for detailed, real-time reporting and analytics on day-to-day business email behavior and patterns; reporting which provides actionable insights and performance-optimizing data. Businesses need to understand precisely how well their teams are doing across their most vital business communication channel – email.
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