DETEC intelligent document composition software boosts security, efficiency and compliance with new role-based user access

DoXite 2.4 supports collaborative document creation thanks to new granular access controls

Groß-Gerau, Germany, May 23, 2018 – DETEC, a division of UNICOM Global, which provides software solutions for document-based corporate communications, has announced the immediate availability of DoXite 2.4. This is the latest version of DETEC’s powerful document composition solution which now includes a new role-based access control (RBAC) function that helps organizations improve security, efficiency and governance by delivering more granular control of user access to content within business documents.

DoXite 2.4’s role-based authorization lets companies tightly control who can access, create and amend individual business documents and their component parts, based on user roles. Access rights can now be assigned right down to the level of configuration objects, which ensures that individual users can only edit and change the specific areas relevant to them. This is especially important in document projects that combine users from multiple locations or departments as it allows different stakeholders to work on the same document simultaneously without the risk of conflicting changes. It also ringfences sensitive document content to prevent unauthorized changes. Digital signatures and encryption can be used to protect access to XML configuration data.

The DoXite software allows user roles to be set up based on users and groups already defined in directory services such as active directory or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). With nine different authorization levels ranging from ‘access’, ‘read’ and ‘write’ to ‘export’ and ‘delete’, companies can control access to sensitive document areas even more precisely.

“Security and governance are major priorities among IT and business leaders. With DoXite 2.4, we’ve introduced role-based access control to boost security and regulatory compliance by improving the protection of sensitive document creation processes, ” said Wolfgang Esser, Manager Client Services at DETEC.

“DoXite 2.4 provides precise control over which parts of a document individual users can access and what they are allowed to do with that content. This also increases efficiency by making it easy for colleagues in different roles and departments to collaborate on document creation. Everybody can work on their own areas of responsibility without impacting on their colleagues.”

DoXite 2.4 also introduces support for the Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) format. Documents created in DoXite can be transformed automatically into AFP for a range of uses, such as printing on AFP-compatible production printers.
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