Innovative security solutions: Secucloud is a double finalist at the SC Excellence Awards

German security specialist nominated in the mobile security and UTM categories

Hamburg, Germany. 7 March 2018 – When hackers and cyber criminals think up new business models, their imagination knows no bounds. With increasingly sophisticated ransomware and techniques like DDoS attacks via IoT devices, they are often targeting the frontline of today’s technologies. This is why security providers need to be at least as creative and innovative as criminal hackers – if they want to win the game of cat and mouse between the two. This is something that the US publication SC Magazine has been focusing on for the last 21 years for its well-known SC Excellence Awards. This year’s finalists include the German provider of cloud-based security Secucloud, which has been nominated for the award in two categories. The winners will be announced at a festive gala on 17 April at the InterContinental San Francisco hotel.

“The year 2017 brought us WannaCry ransomware infections, the rise of cryptominers, and bugs like Broadpwn and BlueBorne that affected billions of devices, ” says Illena Armstrong, VP, editorial, SC Media. “In an age where threats are ever-evolving, it is reassuring to know that one true constant is the commitment of dedicated information security professionals, as best exemplified by our SC Media Awards finalists. As a finalist, Secucloud demonstrated unique innovation in its approach to protecting companies from the onslaught of malicious attacks and other threats. Their solution represents some of the most effective security technology on the market today.”

Cloud-based Secucloud approach impresses the judges
For this year’s award, Secucloud’s cloud-based solutions have been nominated for the award in the Best Mobile Security Solution and Best UTM Security Solution categories. The security technology in both cases is based on the company’s Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2). As a cloud-based solution, it uses its Global Cloud Intelligence technology to analyse users’ web traffic for harmful content and suspicious behaviour. If the solution detects any threats, it blocks the harmful data packets automatically before they reach the user’s device.

Secucloud works with multiple leading telecoms and mobile providers to help them provide the highest levels of security to their users. They implement the Secucloud solution directly into their infrastructure and then make high-performance security available as a service to their users, who can activate it easily and flexibly as an additional part of their subscription. Once they have done so, all their internet traffic is automatically routed through ECS2, where it is checked for damaging content using a combination of powerful security mechanisms. These include anti-phishing, anti-malware, anti-bot, anti-hacking and anti-anonymiser tools. There is no need for any software to be installed on users’ devices, so they do not need to worry about performance compromises or about keeping the security software up to date.

In the B2B area, Secucloud also provides its cloud-based IT security as a managed service, which runs on an enterprise level and gives partners a powerful cross-selling opportunity with their customers. It enables dealers and distributors selling Firewall as a Service to act as a managed security service provider (MSSP) and offer small and midsized firms a package of high-performance security technologies. These can be scaled flexibly whenever required and are always up to date with no maintenance time and effort involved. For this year’s SC Awards, this offering has been nominated for the prize in the Best UTM Security Solution category.

New approach in the battle against cybercrime
“The fight against today’s relentlessly growing threat situation will never be won by staying on well-trodden paths – in other words, not with just the next security solution on the well-established market, ” notes Dennis Monner, CEO of Secucloud. “In order to stand up to the cyber-criminals’ negative but indisputable ingenuity, security providers need to think and act just as innovatively. This is why we decided to approach security in a completely different way – by transferring it to the cloud, in exactly the same place that the dangers of modern cyberspace are lurking. Against that backdrop, we’re especially pleased to have been nominated for the SC Excellence Award in two categories. For us, it’s a gratifying confirmation of the potential of our approach while motivating us even more to continue pursuing our innovative path in a decisive way.”

This year is already the SC Award’s 21st year. Winners in the Excellence category are determined by an expert panel of judges with extensive knowledge and experience in the cybersecurity industry. The Excellence Award honours the professionals, products and services that have proven to be the best in the industry for protecting today’s corporate world from an array of risks and threats. Further information about the award is available at

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