Redgate Software partners with PASS to deliver GDPR webinar marathon

Cambridge UK, Monday, 5 March 2018 – In a move that demonstrates increasing concerns about the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Redgate is running a day of back-to-back live webinars in conjunction with PASS, the organization which supports SQL Server professionals around the world.

It continues the series of PASS Marathons, which showcase leading experts from around the world, focusing each time on a topic of major importance, and helping data professionals stay ahead of the competition.

The PASS GDPR Marathon on 13 March will provide an overview of what the GDPR entails, outline practical steps to ensure organizations are ready for it, and highlight what those who are outside of Europe still need to be aware of.

With speakers including Alice Kupcik, Senior Program Manager for Azure SQL Database at Microsoft, Grant Fritchey, Microsoft SQL Server MVP and President of PASS, and Steve Jones, Data Platform MVP, the event promises to be informative as well as entertaining. It will also answer many of the questions that the GDPR throws up.

Alice Kupcik will outline how development teams work with the GDPR, for example, by giving an overview of her own team’s experience. James Murtagh, Redgate Product Marketing Manager, will follow Alice in the same session by demonstrating how the GDPR can be seen as a welcome remedy to data protection concerns, rather than being regarded as a bitter pill.

Redgate Product Manager, Richard Macaskill, will then look at the issue of data mapping and introduce some practical steps to creating a durable and living record of what organizations hold in their data estate, in order to meet Article 30 of the GDPR.

The new rules of SQL Server monitoring will be covered by Grant Fritchey, whose session will introduce methods and mechanisms to monitor systems for GDPR compliance and minimize the risk of losing availability.

Steve Jones will complete the marathon by looking at the global impact of the GDPR, and showing how even those organizations outside its remit can use the guidelines to help them reduce risk across their data estate.

As can be seen, each of the sessions in the PASS GDPR Marathon makes a valuable contribution to the understanding of how the GDPR will affect the way organizations use data. Together, they provide an important and timely resource for SQL Server professionals everywhere.

Further information about the PASS GDPR Marathon can be found on the PASS website:
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