New 'Collections' feature within NovumIP revolutionises holistic IP Portfolio Management

London, UK 31 March, 2015 - FusionExperience, the business and data solutions provider, has today announced a powerful new feature, known as Collections, within NovumIP, the first full end-to-end Intellectual Property (IP) Lifecycle management application in the Cloud.
The search functionality within Collections is both unique and flexible. In addition to storing information such as the standard relationship between Patent and Patent Family, for example, NovumIP users can now instruct Collections to search for any data and group different items together, for any purpose.
Typical IP Portfolio Management systems hold data in a fixed format that aids in processing, but this rigid format does not take into account the realities of effectively managing all aspects of an IP portfolio.
However, with its combination of smart searching and flexible options, Collections can provide significant benefits in cases where:
IP Portfolio Managers are assigned to one (or more than one) collection covering their area of responsibility (for example, technology), as Collections will allow them to group patent families and monitor activity within their portfolio area more effectively. This facilitates IP Portfolio analysis.
A divestment team needs to group candidates that have been proposed for divestment
A licensing team wants to group families, patents and claim charts for licensing negotiation for each company, ensuring the maximisation of IP portfolio value
A Portfolio Manager wants to group various claim charts for negotiation, arbitration or litigation for each target company
Joan Mill, Sales Manager for FusionExperience said; With this powerful functionality, our clients can now perform extremely smart searches for data that is relevant to a collection in ways that simply have not been possible before. The results are then presented in an accessible and easy-to-understand format within NovumIP.
Steve Edkins, CEO of FusionExperience added: Features like Collections require a powerful and scalable technology in order to provide accurate results and business benefits for our customers. Because Collections is part of the overall NovumIP application that runs on Salesforce.coms Cloud technology, we can now deliver these benefits in real time from within our NovumIP solution.
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