Cambridge Wireless to Investigate New Business Model

Cambridge Wireless has started a detailed evaluation of a demonstrator for rural broadband provision, using initial funding from EEDA. This is part of a project which aims to demonstrate the city and the East of England region as a technology hotspot for demonstrating innovative business models for broadband coverage.

The evaluation is the first phase of a project which aims to build a radio based network to provide broadband coverage by wireless in a target location in the eastern region. Selection of a target region is part of the initial evaluation. A key part of the project is to look at the economic aspects and to determine if it possible to achieve coverage at reasonable costs in blackspot areas where there is currently no or limited broadband availability and where there are no plans for broadband availability in the foreseeable future from current providers.

Cambridge Wireless is working with multinational suppliers of telecommunications equipment and services in order to establish the feasibility of the trial.

A detailed plan for implementation will be produced at the end of March 2011 with the aim of running a 6 month trial later in the year.

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