AgOInc Extends AnXploreranalog Design Optimisation Tool

AgOInc extends its AnXploreranalog design optimisation tool with a new porting capability. The new feature, available in the 2011.02 release, improves the productivity of designers who wish to port an existing custom circuit to a similar technology.

IC design teams often need to re-target their designs to a new technology either to get a second source or, for example, to move from a technology with one-time programmable memories to flash memories. Re-targeting logic has been a straightforward task for many years, while porting analog cells has been more technically challenging. It is necessary to re-size devices in analog circuits and to re-center the circuit to ensure good yield with the new technology. Both tasks, when done manually, are tedious and labour-intensive.

AnXplorer can fit into commonly used design toolsets as it works with industry standard SPICE netlists and simulators. A designer can define an unsized circuit, with design variables, constraints and objectives. AnXplorer will then generate an optimized, centered circuit that meets or exceeds the design objectives across all corners specified by the user. It is based on a new multi-algorithmic optimization strategy based on a genetic algorithm.

AgOInc will be exhibiting at DATE 2011 in Grenoble from 15th -17th March in booth 10.

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