Acrosser Announces New Fanless In-Vehicle PC

Acrosser Technology has announced a new Fanless In-Vehicle computer, AR-V5403FL, which is embedded with Intel 945GME chipset, support Intel Core 2 Duo/Core Duo/Core Solo/Celeron M processer. Based on Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, AR-V5403FL is a powerful industrial-grade computing solution for all vehicle application, such as Fleet management, vision procession, Telemetric, Traffic safety control and numerous other vehicles. To use in rugged environment, AR-V5403FL is capable of operation at -15C to 50C and can withstand vibration up to 2G (follow IEC60068-2-64) and shock up to 50G 11ms (follow IEC60068-2-27).

To execute daily mission, AR-V5403FL has many unique built-in designs, include intelligent power management, which is capable to support wide range DC power input of 9V to 32V and also embedded a Micro Processor that provides following features:
- System Off delay time: 8 kinds of software and switch selectable delay time for different purpose.
- Power on/off retries: In order to assure system operate normally, it will perform retry process to boot up or shut off the system if system on/off failed.
- Power input monitoring: Continuous monitoring DC input voltage to prevent accidentally drain out car battery. For 12V car battery as example, the system will not boot up if car battery voltage is lower than 11.2V. If car battery is lower than 10.8V while system at operation, it will properly shut down the system automatically to keep battery alive.
- LED indicators represent system status.
- Remote control: 2 options to power on or shut down the system, by car ignition or remote control switch.

In addition, AR-V5403FL can integrate optional GPS/3.5G/WiFi/Bluetooth wireless modules to facilitate mobile communication and navigation, and with optional uninterruptible power supply for emergency back-up. Moreover, Acrosser's products are fully compliant with most industry standards for in-vehicle usage including CE and FCC.

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