Waste Management Plant Benefits from Axis Network Cameras

Axis Communications has provided a new IP surveillance system at the Donarbon waste management park which has helped the business to save money both in terms of operations and insurance premiums.

Donarbon, which is Cambridgeshire's largest waste management park and Mechanical and Biological Treatment plant, has replaced an analogue surveillance system with multiple, strategically placed Axis network cameras. The main driver for this change was to be able to identify unsuitable and hazardous waste entering the site, as well as providing clear images to site staff in the event of an incident.

The MBT plant is the centrepiece of the 28-year PFI waste management contract between Cambridgeshire County Council and Donarbon and is responsible for treating the majority of household waste from Cambridgeshire and ensuring that councils meet their recycling and landfill diversion targets.

The Axis cameras were recommended by consultants 3IT, who have also installed them at Donarbon's MBT plant where they have helped to reduce the down time of the machinery in the event of breakdowns.

The cameras are also helping to save money when it comes to insurance claims as Donarbon can now prove liability. Whenever a vehicle enters or leaves the site, managers now have video evidence and if any damage is caused they can quickly identify the vehicle responsible.

Donarbon's IP surveillance system is even being used to educate visiting school parties on recycling and waste management as staff can show pupils how the MBT plant works without them having to go anywhere near the machinery.

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