NoMachine NX Powers VirtualORGS Virtual Desktop Cloud Offering

NoMachine announced that VirtualORGS has chosen NoMachine NX to power its complete Organization-as-a-Service solution, combining IT-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service into one cloud-based offering.

As an integrated component of VirtualORGS virtual portfolio, NoMachine's virtual desktop solution, NX Server, will provide organizations with secure on-demand access to cloud-hosted solutions which span services from storage to software to hosted networks and domains.

Using NoMachine's NX Server for secure remote access, VirtualORGS provides a complete cloud solution which leapfrogs traditional web based offerings. The solution packages the world's leading open source software including specialized applications for business processes and intelligence as well as sophisticated productivity and collaboration tools - for users with all the advantages of a familiar desktop user interface.

Setting up an Organization-as-a-Service is as easy as the click of a mouse. VirtualORGS provides a complete system for the relevant organization supporting the customer's choice of domain name, and the username of their first superuser account, within as little as an hour.

Additional user accounts can then be created, archived or restored on demand, thus permitting automatic scaling of the organization's IT infrastructure on-demand. Upon creation of a new desktop, provisioning for storage capacity, email and calendaring, access to the organization's shared folder, appropriate applications, and single-sign-on set up for team collaboration software is also activated. New users can be added to their organization almost instantly, ready to work and be productive from any Windows, Mac, or Linux device, no matter where users may physically be.

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