Comodo Announces Industry Guidelines for Managed DNS

Comodo has announced the long-awaited industry guidelines for managed Domain Name System, recommended for industry-wide adoption to keep the Internet safe for future generations.

DNS - the domain name system - is the heart of the Internet's naming infrastructure, acting as a virtual directory matching domain names to IP addresses so that Internet users get to where they need to go.

"This body of work has serious implications for the Internet security and management", said Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo CEO and chief security architect. "We are pleased to be once again leading the security industry by establishing and rolling out these guidelines, which will have a profound effect on Internet security in years to come."

"Comodo is leading the effort to bring open, secure standards-based DNS/PKI infrastructure to the Internet and is committed to this ongoing effort", he added.

A DNS is like a phonebook for a computer. When a person wants to look up a phone number, he or she looks in the phone directory for the other party's name, which corresponds with a number that a telephone can connect to. A DNS works the same way; when a person types a website address such as, into a browser's search bar, the computer contacts a Domain Name Server. The DNS identifies the IP address that corresponds to the domain name, like a telephone user looking up a telephone number in the directory. The DNS server then replies to the user's browser, informing it of the IP address, and the browser duly connects.

For most Internet users, the DNS server they use is furnished by their Internet Service Provider. This process of matching human-readable domain names to machine-understandable IP addresses is part of the fabric of the Internet. It happens millions of times per day.

Rarely, the DNS database can be corrupted with incorrect IP addresses, the way a telephone directory might be printed with incorrect telephone numbers. If that happens, the Internet user may be directed to a spoof website. That site may be designed to look exactly like the site the Internet user intended to visit, and the visitor may be tricked into sharing confidential information there.

Comodo recently acquired, the managed domain name system and service provider, helping visitors get improved performance from websites, content and applications ensuring that websites perform optimally. This acquisition kicked off the launch of Comodo Authoritative Service.

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