SST and STARCHIP Announce Licensing and Design Partnership

StarChip has announced a licensing and design partnership agreement with Silicon Storage Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microchip Technology. This agreement is for the purpose of developing, marketing, selling and distributing products based on SST's SuperFlash non-volatile-memory technologies. In addition, StarChip will use its expertise in designing high-endurance, low-power, area-efficient and robust NVM macros to support SST's partners.

StarChip already introduced its SIM devices with SST's SuperFlash technology, including StarChip devices with Flash-based code and data storage. The normal Flash endurance has been enhanced with StarChip's E3 (ECUBE) patented mechanisms. The E3 (ECUBE) (Enhanced Endurance Engine) delivers a powerful combination of flexibility and best-in-class endurance, offering up to 2 Billion cycles for SIM and M2M applications.

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