Gizmox Enters the Business Mobile Application Market

Gizmox has announced its entrance into the Business Mobility Market. Visual WebGui's Instant CloudMove migration, which enables users to migrate client/server applications to the Web or Cloud, has now been extended to make business applications accessible from Mobile/Tablet devices using a simple mapping and configuration tool. IdeoMobile, in partnership with Gizmox, has already successfully implemented business mobile solutions in leading financial and medical institutions using the Visual WebGui framework.

IdeoMobile together with Gizmox enabled Bank Discount to launch its first iPhone mobile banking application within 60 days and Leumi Card, a credit card issuer launch a mobile offers application within 90 days. Maccabi Health Services, a prominent health fund launched their market leading mobile health application within 60 days.

Visual WebGui Business Mobile Application benefits include:
Secured-By-Design Cross-platform and cross-browser mobile/tablet accessibility;
Zero footprint on the client device;
HTML5 support for rich user experience;
Native user experience for each device (Gestures etc.);
Secured (un-hackable) Mobile accessibility;
Only 10% of the bandwidth and 50% of CPU;
Rapid development (Form-Based & jQuery).

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