Yell Wins Google EMEA AdWords Authorised Reseller Award

Google formally acknowledged the significant achievement and named Yell as the winner of a Google EMEA AdWords Authorised Reseller Award in the Fastest Growth in Active Advertiser Base category.

Yell became a Google AdWords Authorised Reseller in May 2009 and through its Search Marketing Services, provides small business advertisers with the opportunity to generate business from the 30 million UK internet users who access Google every day. In 2010, Yell served up more than 2.1 billion impressions for its advertisers which means on average, a UK internet user saw a Yell advertiser 50 times during the year.

Yell fully manages all aspects of Google AdWords for its advertisers, from creating campaigns and choosing appropriate keywords to managing budgets and tracking performance.

Yell's Search Marketing Services offering is part of its portfolio of marketing solutions, delivering quality business leads to its advertisers. This is through a range of digital and print products including, Yellow Pages, custom built websites, mobile apps and carefully selected partner websites.

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