IsansysLifecare Limited Officially Debuts as a Company

IsansysLifecare Limited, the single-source provider of complete real-time physiological patient data acquisition systems and services, has announced its official debut as a company. The new business, which will focus on providing continuous, real-time patient data to healthcare professionals using the IsansysLifecarePlatform is being headed by Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Keith Errey, the high-profile former CEO and Co-Founder of wireless body monitoring technology innovators Toumaz. The privately-funded company's business operations and world-class engineering team are based at Milton Park, Abingdon, UK.

IsansysLifecare has been created to harness the very best technologies and practices in the wireless healthcare space to provide real-time, continuous and high quality physiological data that meets the complete technical, clinical and regulatory needs of clinicians and other healthcare professionals. Isansys was formed in June 2010 by Keith Errey and Rebecca Weir, both former Toumaz executives who bring extensive industry knowledge and unrivalled expertise in wireless healthcare technologies and devices, end-to-end monitoring systems, clinical trials, regulatory affairs and business operations.

Isansys systems comprise a complete end-to-end service to capture and collect physiological data (typically vital signs) continuously and in real-time, and offer a high security data store where an individual's data can be held in anonymised and encrypted form from where it is delivered to authorised care professionals. Isansys systems are based on the IsansysLifecare Platform an intelligent, web-based, high integrity framework that, in addition to the secure server, utilises wired and wireless data channels, network gateways and very small, low profile wireless body-worn monitors that continuously, remotely, and almost invisibly capture and locally interpret vital sign and other physiological data. The IsansysLifecare platform incorporates the most advanced data capture technologies, the foremost of which is the Isansys-developed LifeTouch monitor, an unobtrusive body-worn device, with intelligent data processing algorithms that enable the collection of new and continuous physiological information in usable, clinical-grade formats. Isansys works with commercial partners to provide solutions and services that utilise this valuable 'life data' for key health and wellbeing improvement and beneficial feedback to patients, clients and customers.

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