2X VirtualDesktopServer/ApplicationServer-v9 Beta Available

With the availability of 2X VirtualDesktopServer/ApplicationServer-v9 Beta, 2X Software announces its first public step towards the next major release, set for early next year. This version includes some important features which continue to improve the implementation and management of virtualized IT infrastructures independent of the installed virtualization platform, such as Microsoft Terminal Server, Hyper-V or VMware ESX. In addition, 2X improves performance and scalability, making the product suitable for IT infrastructures of any size.

To download and test the Version 9 Beta please click here.

New features for this release include:
- New 2X Clients for Mobile Devices.
- 2XClient for iPhone, iPad & Android. Includes seamless protocol support for mobile devices and features a custom keyboard that will appear if input fields are detected.
- Pool Management. Pools offer administrators more flexibility when managing an extensive number of guests, especially when they are implemented in large company infrastructures. Possible members for pool management may include all guests in the farm, all guests in a host, individual guests, native pools, pools within pools and templates.
- 2X Templates. Administrators can automatically create desktops from a single template, making it easier to distribute desktops to users. Templates are supported on the following Hyper-visor technologies: VMWare Server 2, VMWare ESXi, VMWare VCentre, Citrix XEN, Parallels 4, Hyper-V (in development). 2X templates are deployable in the following guest client operating systems: XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Client.
- VDI Guest/PC Agent Installation. The new Guest and PC Agent can be remotely installed from the console. When installed, VDS v9 supports templates (VDI Guests agents only), seamless applications, universal printing, and universal scanning. It will also reduce traffic on the VDI Agent. The new agents allow users to deploy applications which integrate in the local desktop directly from the remote server.
- New 2nd Level Authentication. 2X VDS v9 now supports SafeNet/Aladdin software.
- Windows Client. With client-side logging, users can track information from past connections, offering a useful administration tool if problems occur. This is also helpful in identifying potential problems that may arise in the future.

Additional new features
2X VDS v9 now supports Wyse Desktop Broker support meaning you can now deploy any of our published objects (applications, desktops) from terminal servers, VDI Hosts and PC's. Includes support for Parallels Server v4 and 2X Web Access Portal replication of settings.

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