ESDINAMICO Partners with Comodo

ESDINAMICO, a privately-held Web software and solutions company in South America, has partnered with Comodo to develop digital signatures solutions, under the brand idSegura, using Comodo Personal Certificates.

All the solutions available under the brand idSegura integrate Comodo's Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (EPKI), enabling ESDINAMICO customers to request, authorize, reject or cancel the Certificates for themselves.

The Digital Signature Solutions ESDINAMICO offers with integration to Comodo EPKI are:
1. Electronic Invoicing Solution e-billing
2. PKI Authentication System
3. Individual and Bulk E-signer
4. Digital Custody of Documents

e-billing: Electronic Invoicing Solution

The Electronic Invoice Solution from ESDINAMICO, e-billing, uses Comodo Personal Certificates in order to preserve the validity and authenticity of each invoice and to check the reception of it on the receptor side. The use of digital files and the Internet for the transmission of those files also promotes the green initiative by cutting costs associated with paper usage and the transportation of documents, thereby helping to preserve the environment.

PKI Authentication System

The authentication method used by most Web-based systems involving a username and a password is insecure, since they are susceptible to Keyloggers, Worms, Trojans and dictionary attacks.

The PKI Authentication System idSegura from ESDINAMICO allows a system to identify its users through their digital signature, giving the system the level of trust users need to share highly confidential information.

Users must go through several validation steps to receive a digital signature, and the administrator of the system has complete control over the status of it through Comodo EPKI, so if it needs to disable a user he has just to revoke his or her digital signature.

Individual and Bulk Digital Signer

The Digital Signer Software allows our customers to digitally sign documents in various formats (PDF, XML, and Office) individually and massive. It uses Personal Certificates from Comodo giving all the necessary legal backing to the signed documents. It can easily be integrated to ERP Systems, Workflows or existing Documental Managers within the organization as it implements a set of WebServices for communication.

Digital Custody

The idSegura Digital Custody Service from ESDINAMICO allows companies to store documents in a secure and validated environment and adds digital signatures from Comodo in the following features:
1. Signing on the moment of storage
2. Signing every time a document is downloaded

Additionally, the digital signer software has a time stamp functionality which records the exact date and time of each process of storage or download of a document.

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