Trust Releases New Autovoltage Power Adapters

As far as Trust is concerned, the use of power adapters cannot be energy-efficient or safe enough. That is why Trust is introducing a new range of autovoltage power adapters.

These adapters have automatic voltage switching, which means that you will always have the correct voltage for your notebook without having to make any manual adjustments. This makes them quick and easy to use: just Plug & Go! As a result, the power adapters are not only energy-efficient, but also very safe.

Trust has autovoltage power adapters of different capacities (65 W and 125 W) for every type of user. These power adapters have a power output of between 9.5 Volt and 22 Volt and are protected against being overloaded, overheating and short-circuiting. The efficient, energy-saving design gives you the advantage of lower energy costs. The notebook tips guarantee compatibility with all the common notebook brands. The adapters also have a useful USB port, so that it is easy to charge an MP3 player, an iPod or a mobile telephone.

The adapters are available now.

Presented by Trust.

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