Rohde & Schwarz Delivers Test Equipment to Flann Microwave

Rohde & Schwarz delivers millimeter wave test equipment to Flann Microwave (Bodmin, UK), a supplier of waveguide components and systems used in research, communications, radar and security applications. Flann acquired the 50 GHz R&S ZVA vector network analyser in June, subsequently taking delivery of millimeter-wave converter heads that enable the company to test to 220 GHz. This represents the highest frequency test capability known within any UK commercial company to date.

Flann's waveguide portfolio stretches from low frequency waveguides in the 1 GHz range to high frequency devices in the 220 GHz region and beyond. The latter are used by customers involved in microwave standardisation and also for the calibration of high frequency vector network analysers. The vector network analyser from Rohde & Schwarz significantly expands Flann Microwave's test capability, facilitating the design, measurement and verification of the company's wide range of waveguide components. With converter heads available to 500 GHz, Rohde & Schwarz' products enable Flann to respond to a growing demand for products and systems at higher frequencies, including VNA calibration and verification kits up to 500 GHz.

Among Flann Microwave's key requirements were high dynamic range and the ability to provide continuous frequency coverage up to 220 GHz and above. The R&S ZVA vector network analyzer portfolio was designed to meet demanding measurement applications, including filter measurements requiring a high dynamic range. Their waveguide heads cover an exceptionally wide frequency range, whilst the R&S ZVA vector network analyser gives customers the flexibility to operate it outside standard specified frequency ranges when necessary.

Highly integrated, the R&S ZVA vector network analyzer is a single box solution that is offered with a particularly wide range of frequency converters that are manufactured by Rohde & Schwarz in-house. This ensures that the converter heads are optimised to suit Rohde & Schwarz instrumentation, whilst customers benefit from a one-stop solution for purchase, servicing and support.

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