WhiteSmoke Launches All-In-One English Writing Solution

WhiteSmoke have announced the launch of 'WhiteSmoke 2011'. 'WhiteSmoke 2011' is the first writing solution to combine grammar, spelling, and writing style correction tools with a full-text translator. 'WhiteSmoke 2011' also includes a multi-lingual dictionary and hundreds of templates for a variety of different writing scenarios.

'WhiteSmoke 2011' enables users to write whilst having their writing proofread for any grammar, spelling, punctuation and style errors. With WhiteSmoke's unique 'sentence processing' model, the user is given a detailed score and is presented with suggestions for improvement. In addition to the writing tab, 'WhiteSmoke 2011' features business, legal, medical and general templates which ensure that the users' writing will be suitable for their selected style. The WhiteSmoke Translation tab allows for the translation of full texts to and from a wide range of languages.

As opposed to other text editing programs based on a pre-dictated list of grammar and spelling rules, WhiteSmoke's products are based on natural language processing technology, featuring unique and patented artificial intelligence algorithms that perform both rule-based and statistical analyses of real mistakes that users actually make in real life.

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