Cost of IP Surveillance Revealed to Have Dropped Below Analogue for Midsized Installations

Axis Communications has announced the results of an independent study comparing costs of an analogue versus an IP video surveillance system. The study demonstrates that an IP-based system represents on average 13 per cent lower cost than a corresponding analogue system.

The study is based on a survey of integrators actively selling and installing both analogue and IP-based professional surveillance systems. They were asked to provide bids for both types of systems for a retail store with 14, 25 and 40 cameras. For all three scenarios, the IP-based system turned out to come in at a lower total cost than the analogue.

"The benefits of modern IP technology become evident when looking at the full system solution, including cameras, recording, storage and installation", says Phil Doyle, regional director, Northern Europe, Axis Communications.

"A similar study from 2007 showed that an IP-based surveillance system was more cost-efficient in installations where the number of cameras exceeded 32. We now see that the IP cost advantage is valid also for systems with lower number of cameras."

The study was conducted by Lusax, a research group at Lund University in Sweden, specialising in understanding the dissemination of new IP and IT-based technology within the global security market.

Professor Thomas Kalling, Head of Lusax, is not surprised by the results. "The market for IP security products has developed rapidly and is much more mature than only a few years ago.

"The cost differences are becoming insignificant and focus can shift to the real advantages that come with the superior functionality of IP solutions, such as image quality and flexibility, the factors that really drive return on investment."

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