Melfas Uses Magma’s Talus and FineSim SPICE

Magma Design Automation announced that Melfas has used the Talus platform, including Talus RTL, Talus Vortex and Talus Power Pro, and the FineSim SPICE circuit simulation tool to implement two of its next-generation MCS-8000 touch sensor chips, which feature ARM Cortex processors. The Melfas ICs are used in mobile phones, smartphones, MP3 players, monitors and other consumer electronics. With the Talus platform and Magma's RTL-to-GDSII reference flow for ARM Cortex processor-based designs, Melfas was able to reduce power by over 5 percent, area by 20 percent and turnaround time by 50 percent, compared to their previous implementation flow. FineSim enabled Melfas to complete top-level, post-layout analog circuit simulation 10 times faster, without sacrificing accuracy.

The Talus platform provides an integrated RTL-to-GDSII flow for low-power, low-cost chip design. Talus RTL is a full-chip synthesis environment that enables rapid development of RTL and chip-level constraints throughout the design process. Talus Vortex performs timing optimization concurrently during routing – rather than sequentially before and after place and route – providing faster overall design closure with better performance and predictability. When used in conjunction, Talus RTL and Talus Vortex dramatically shorten turnaround time without sacrificing design quality and improve designer productivity. Talus Power Pro supports power optimization techniques required in low-power designs, including multiple voltage domains, which enable the optimal tradeoff between performance, area and power, and clock gating for dynamic power reduction. Talus Power Pro supports both the UPF and CPF standards for power intent.

FineSim SPICE is a SPICE-level simulation analysis tool that incorporates transistor-level simulation analysis capabilities for mixed-signal and analog designs. FineSim SPICE is a full SPICE simulation engine with distributed processing that enables customers to simulate large-scale mixed-signal system chips at the transistor level. By providing increased speed and capacity while maintaining full SPICE accuracy, FineSim SPICE enables designers to simulate advanced circuits – such as PLLs, ADCs (analog-to-digital converters), DACs (digital-to-analog converters) and gigahertz SERDES (SERializer/DESerializer) – that they previously would not even attempt using slower traditional SPICE simulators.

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