Trust Offers Protection with the Hardcover Case

Nowadays, everybody takes their notebook with them wherever they go. You take your notebook with you to work, to school and on holiday, regardless of whether you travel by car, train, bus or bicycle. Of course, during all these journeys, you wish to protect your notebook from the wind and the rain. The Trust Notebook Hardcover Cases, available in a 13.3" and a 16" model, are suitable to fulfill this difficult task.

The sturdy notebook cases are splash-proof, so that your notebook remains safe and dry even when it is raining. Furthermore, the hard exterior protects your notebook against scratches and other damage. There is a soft, protective lining on the inside of the cases, which stops your notebook from moving around.

The hardcover case can be used as a carrying case, but also as a protective cover in another bag or a rucksack.

Presented by Trust.

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