Magma’s FineSim Deployed by Toshiba Corporation

Magma Design Automation, a provider of chip design software, announced that Toshiba Corporation has deployed the FineSim platform for sign-off simulation. Toshiba uses FineSim Pro with the native multi-CPU technology for its NAND flash memory development.

FineSim SPICE is a SPICE-level simulation analysis tool that incorporates transistor-level simulation analysis capabilities for mixed-digital and analog designs. In addition, FineSim SPICE supports distributed processing over multiple CPUs or machines, enabling simulation of large-scale mixed-signal designs. By providing increased speed and capacity while maintaining full-SPICE accuracy, FineSim SPICE enables designers to simulate advanced circuits – such as PLLs, ADCs (analog-to-digital converters), DACs (digital-to-analog converters) and gigahertz SERDES (SERializers/DESerializers) – that they previously would not even attempt using slower traditional SPICE simulators.

FineSim Pro is the industry's first fast SPICE circuit simulator that supports multi-CPU simulations. It is the only simulator that performs true multi-CPU SPICE analysis. This allows for the most accurate results with the best possible throughput. FineSim Pro verifies a range of designs from large memories to large complex analog ICs, which previously could not be practically verified in transient circuit simulators. FineSim Pro also has a separate option for IR drop and electromigration analysis.

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